MzFW hosts a series of seminars dubbed ‘Creative Business Seminars’, for designers, marketers and individuals who have an interest in the creative industries. The seminars are a useful tool for exchanging ideas, networking and developing the creative industry in Malawi. In addition, through the Creative Business Seminars we aim to engage with industry players, stake holders, policy makers and potential investors.

Help us bring the Creative Business Seminars to those in the community.

Becoming economically independent is very important to us at Mzuzu Fashion Week and each year we impart knowledge and skills to make this possible for youth and communities across the country.

The Creative Business Seminars are take a more practical approach to fashion and will provide training in the following Tie & Dye, Macramé, Beading to the communities in the following areas:

  • Nkhata Bay
  • Rumphi and 
  • Karonga

Break down of expenses:

  1. Buy materials such as dye's, fabrics, wool, macrame cord for the seminars.
  2. Pay trainers for providing 2 day seminars in each region.
  3. Transportation to regions where seminars will take place.
  4. Transportation to bring weavers and designers together to exhibit final collections at Mzuzu Fashion Week and create market opportunities for products made.

We need the support from the community to buy materials and make the seminars possible in order to engage youth and communities in economically empowering activities. As a leading fashion event that plays a major roll in start up fashion brands, we need help to fully realize our mission of developing artisans' ideas into quality brands.


We are particularly proud to contribute to the development of a local market for luxury products for home grown fashion brands (Alinafe, Creative Base, and Tazma). Through the worldwide exposure that Mzuzu Fashion Week receives, Malawian fashion designers and artisans have the opportunity to open up market opportunities globally therefore stand a chance to build successful brands and businesses.